Advanced Motor Drive Sensing (AMDS)

Advanced motor drives often require a lot of sensors. Cue the AMDS.

GitHub Repository: Severson-Group/AMDS


AMDS stands for Advanced Motor Drive Sensing.

The AMDS is a complete embedded platform which is designed for motor drive sensing. It features a modular slotted design which makes it flexible and adaptable for the research environment. The platform PCBs include: (i) mainboard with slots, and (ii) three distinct sensor card designs aimed specifically for motor drive sensing.

The AMDS includes a dedicated MCU which samples up to 8 sensor cards which are installed in its slots. The user can implement custom filters in the MCU, such as low-pass or high-pass. A robust differential digital link is used to send sampled data to the host device.


The AMDS is designed to work directly with the GPIO expansion ports of the AMDC. However, it is a complete system which could be interfaced to any other host device, assuming the correct drivers are implemented in the host firmware.


  • Up to 8 sensor cards

    • High voltage

    • Low voltage

    • Current

  • Synchronous sensor sampling to PWM carrier waveform (up to 100 kHz)

  • Data request rate up to 10 kHz to host device