The AMDC Platform can be intimidating for newcomers due to the complexity of the hardware and firmware. Tutorials are provided to introduce users to the platform in a structured way so that they can ease into the depths of the system.

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After completing these tutorials, check out the User Guide for more advanced features!

These tutorials are intended to be followed early in one’s adventures with the AMDC Platform. Each tutorial has a clear singular aim and can often be completed within an hour.

Tutorial Name

Aim / Goal / Outcome

Meet the AMDC

Power on the AMDC and explore the I/O.


Run the baseline firmware on the AMDC hardware.

Hardware Commands

Run built-in commands to control the AMDC drive I/O.

Voltage Source Inverter

Develop control code for 3-phase voltage source inverter (VSI).

Profiling Tasks

Determine code performance by using task timing statistics.