Firmware Upgrades Per Hardware Target#

This document should be referenced when changing hardware targets. Each revision of the AMDC hardware is slightly different, so the user code might need to be modified. Note that the hardware targets are almost interchangable, minus the small changes listed below.

Most changes occur automatically in the core firmware by simplying defineing the appropriate hardware target in the usr/user_config.h file.

For example, to target AMDC REV F hardware, make sure the following code exists in your usr/user_config.h file:

// Set hardware target to AMDC REV F

The supported targets are: AMDC_REV_D, AMDC_REV_E, and AMDC_REV_F.


AMDC REV D is the baseline supported hardware target.

This hardware revision contains major errata (documented here), which prompted Revision E. The errata does not affect the firmware operation.

Compile code with AMDC_REV_D as the hardware target.


AMDC REV E is actively supported.

This hardware revision addresses the REV D errata, and the REV E firmware has been upgraded significantly from REV D to be more user-configurable.

Compile code with AMDC_REV_E as the hardware target.


AMDC REV F is the latest hardware target and is actively supported.

The hardware is a minor update from REV E, and the REV F firmware is identical to REV E.

Compile code with AMDC_REV_F as the hardware target.