User Guide#

The AMDC is more than just a blank embedded platform for running control algorithms. The open-source firmware provides many libraries and frameworks which can be used to greatly accelerate control development time.

Invest your time in learning the capabilites already built into the AMDC firmware!

For example:

  • Python classes are provided which assist in host-AMDC interactions

  • Powerful signal logging capabilites provide critical insight into the embedded controller

  • Flexible signal injections allow quick controller testing and validation

  • Code profiling easily informs the user of controller run-time loop jitter and execution length to ensure scheduler headroom

Dive into the powerful features already included in the AMDC by browsing this page’s subpages.


Think of something that is not implemented that you feel is common for all AMDC users?

Submit a GitHub Issue via the AMDC-Firmware repo with your idea!